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Next Session: Unknown, show up and we might play.
Cast of Characters
  • Chip: Empath/Speedster
  • "Jeff": Rat Swarm/Gravity Controller
  • Shirka: Felinoid/Pyrokinetic
  • "Will": Radioactive/Gravity Controller
  • Bunny: Telekinetic/Doppleganger
  • Ushi Moshido: Telekinetic/Doppleganger
  • Daniel: Electrokinetic/Engineered Human
Reality Zero is © Curt Woodard
Gamma World is © Wizards of the Coast
Card List Updated

I have added the new Alpha Mutations and Omega Tech from Legion of Gold to the Card Viewer! I may add Cryptic Alliances and Origins as well...We'll see.

Awesome Night!

James, Will, and Darrell showed for quite the awesome fun game. We were able to get through quite a few encounters which involved the hero-god of the Sleeths: Jiira, a Hasbro Corporation shipment that was interrupted by the Great Event, and some other random encounters.

Our explosive jello seems to have the curiosity of a hyper cat as well ;)

Great game, guys! Maybe we'll get others to actually show up some day...

Players Pending...

Tonight we will see a Gamma World game if Meetup has gotten us enough. I know the standard Friday D&D group will produce 2 (Will would show up even if he wasn't normally in the Friday game) and we have about 3 others from meetup, maybe 4. So, with any luck, we'll have between 3 and 6 players should everyone show!

Let's hope that things go well, I'm really looking forward to running another game.

Anyway, it'll be stock rules, no house rules (other than using D&D 4e rules for junk that's missing in the GW rules...such as Charge).

Here's to a fun night!

Possible Game April 1

I may be running a Gamma World game on Friday, April 1st! It'll be at Richmond Comix @ 8PM.

I may have spots open since I know at least 1 person wants to play. The others may not so we'll have to see what's going on.

I'm going to run stock rules from the base set, Famine In Far-Go, and Legion of Gold. You can create a character using the official character sheet (link is to the right).

Legion of Gold!

I have picked up Legion of Gold, the last Gamma World expansion set. It has some more origins, 10 more Alpha Mutation and Omega Tech cards, rules for Mounts, a Feat system, an adventure, and a bunch of monsters + tokens!

Some interesting stuff here. Hope to play again one day...

Games Are Now "Impromptu"

Since we only had 2 players show up on Friday, Gamma World games will only be run when everyone happens to be at the store at the same time.

Next Session Scheduled!

The next session of Gamma World is scheduled for Friday, January 14, 2011! Bring your dice, your characters, and your game!

I will give everyone the option of rolling new characters since Famine In Far-Go has come out and it has 20 new origins.

Gamma World - Every Other Friday is a GO!

My wife and I have worked things out, I will be able to run Gamma World on Friday nights. I will update the time as soon as I confirm the next date.

Gamma World Starting Up Again

I'm going to check with my wife to see if I can get Gamma World going every other Friday again. I'm going to try for this Friday (January 7) and I'm probably going to use a paper map this time around. Setting up Heroscape terrain is a bit time consuming and if nobody shows, then we have an issue with breaking down the terrain and putting it away.

I will post again to confirm whether or not the next game is happening this or next Friday.

24 Hours of Gaming - No Show

Well, only Jeff was interested in playing Gamma World. Logan was interested, but I deemed two players were not enough. Instead, we played Robo Rally and had an awesome time. Too bad nobody else wanted to play GW. There was going to be a clone outbreak and everything...